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Pilfering World Series Players Part One

Today’s Question: If I could steal one offensive player from each team, who would it be and why?

I’m going to try and look at this realistically, What do we need, and who do the other teams have that fill that need? For example, since we have Yadi, we don’t really need Buster Posey.

One rule, I can’t steal the same position from each team, Matt Adams can only have one platoon partner, after all….

And that leads perfectly into who I’d steal from the Giants: Brandon Belt.

Year Batting Average On Base Percentage Slugging Percentage
2011 .225 .306 .412
2012 .275 .360 .421
2013 .289 .360 .481
2014 .243 .306 .449

In addition to being a decent bat, Belt holds his own at 1B and against lefties, Matt Adams big weakness. Even this year, in a down year where he missed a decent chunk of time due to injuries, he had a reverse split and hit better against lefties with about a .260 average, which was quit a bit higher than Adams, who hit .190 against lefties.

He has exceeded his rookie contract and was in his first year of arbitration this year, making 2.9 million. Still, even with a raise, the combo of him and Adams at first would be worth the money in my mind. And given that he had a down a year, even if it was due to injuries, a big raise is not guaranteed.

So that’s who I’d steal from the Giants.

As always, thanks for reading.