Pilfering World Series Players Part Two

Today’s Question: If I could steal one offensive player from each team, who would it be and why? Yesterday I did The Giants, today I’m doing the Royals.

Yesterday I tried to look at this realistically, well today, I’m going to have fun with it, and say, “well, that’d be cool!”

And yes, this idea might be very stupid, but so what, I’m just playing around and having fun. Still, you’ve been warned.

One rule, I can’t steal the same position from each team, Matt Adams can only have one platoon partner, after all, and I already stole Brandon Belt, so who are we going to steal from the Kansas City Royals?

Another rule, I have to be able to do something with the player or players replaced, so if I have an untradable player, then I can’t just outright replace that position.

To make my idea work, I’m going to need to steal not one, but two players.

You know how KC has the ulitmate defensive outfield, well I got to wondering, do we have two good defenders to add one of KC’s outfielders to? The answer is no. We do, however, have one, in Peter Bourjos.

So for my pipe dream outfield that won’t make sense in real life, I’m going to steal both Lorenzo Cain and Jarrod Dyson. We’ll trade off two of the Jay/Grichuk/Taveras contingent for an elite pitcher starter to make our rotation even deeper, or perhaps a flamethrowing reliever or two to make our pen a bit scarier.

The problem here is Matt Holliday. In theory, I’d start Cain, then sub Dyson in late, and taking out Holliday, giving the Cards three center fielders. But Holliday has a slightly better bat than Nori Aoki, as well as a bigger contract. Even if he was in decline, he probably wouldn’t agree to sit his butt down late in the game. Plus his contract isn’t tradable, otherwise I’d have traded him and put one of our youngsters in his place. (And yes, I know in KC, Cain slides over to left, but he’s good enough to slide over to right too)

Like I said, stupid, but man it’d be fun to watch an outfield of Cain, Bourjos and Dyson, which is the point.

As always, thanks for reading.


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