Thursday Morning Musings…

First off, congratulations to the Kansas City Royals for their first World Series appearance since 1985. The Royals have steamrolled their way in, starting with a come from behind victory in the wild card game over the A’s and following that up by sweeping the Angels and Orioles, respectively. KC definitely deserves to be there, and will be a formidable opponent for whoever emerges from the national league.

Now, as to last night’s game between the Giants and the Cardinals, the less said, the better.

Still, some thoughts:

Why is it, when the Cards score four or more runs, our opponent always seems to score more, but when we score three or less, we get a pitching gem? Maybe that’s just the games I managed to catch, but it sure seems like the Cardinals tend to lose when the runs pile up.

Release the LOOGY as soon as the season is over! I don’t think Randy Choate is a bad guy, per se, but if we have him, Mike’ll use him, and probably beyond Choate’s defined role, which often leads to trouble.

Was it me, or were we giving all of San Fran’s players free passes to first base?

Here’s a question for the bloggers with a taste for baseball history:

Has there been any manager who has been fired after making the playoffs? Offhand, I think it happened to Dusty Baker after he guided the Reds there, but I could be wrong. Anybody else?

I ask because, as the evidence mounts, it seems like the Card’s talent will get them to the playoffs, but Mike Matheny won’t be able to get them the World Series trophy unless everything breaks just right (like it has been for the Royals.) Short of a major comeback (and it has been done before, by the Giants two years ago, against the Cards, no less.) Matheny won’r do it this year.

Mike has made the playoffs three years in a row, including three straight NLCS appearances and (so far) one World Series appearance. How much of that is the team’s talent and willpower, and how much of that is Mike? The more I watch, the more I think we’re winning in spite of our manager, not because of him.

That doesn’t mean to say the Cards don’t have flaws. They could use a deeper bullpen, another solid starting pitcher, and more offensive punch. Overall though, the town of St. Louis has a verey talented baseball team, when managed well, is a legit World Series contender. Is it currently managed well though? Something to think about, and comment on if you feel like it,

As always, thanks for reading.


One thought on “Thursday Morning Musings…”

  1. In 1964, the Cardinals were going to fire Johnny Keane. That decision had been made back in August when they also fired the GM that built the organization (Bing Devine). With a new GM (Bob Howsam) in place, they wanted to bring Leo Durocher over. Keane got wind of that and totally upstaged Busch’s move by announcing he had signed a contract to be the Yankees new manager, right after defeating them in the World Series.

    That lead to the signing of Red Schoendienst as the new manager. The thought was the popularity of Schoendienst would give Howsam time to rebuild the team and keep the local sports media off their back while doing so. It actually worked.

    In some sense, that is what John Mozeliak did with Mike Matheny. He missed the fact that Schoendienst had been a coach on Keane’s staff, so had some insight into how to run a major league team. Add to that the game had not changed between the time Red was a player, coach and manager. In the Matheny case, a lot had changed since he was a player. We are in something of a post-PED era where teams rely less on the three run homer beer league softball type of game (see the Royals for a good example). He also had a pretty long discontinuity from the team where Red just changed jobs and left pretty much everything else as is.


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