My NL MVP And Manager of the Year votes

I was nominated to vote on the NL manager and MVP awards. I take this honor very seriously and have given it quite a bit of thought.

First, let’s go with the manager.

1) Bruce Bochy
2) Clint Hurdle
3) Mike Matheny

Bochy had the toughest job, yet he’s kept his team afloat, winning the wild card, and has his team up 2-0 in the NLDS against Washington. Regardless of whether or not they finish the job, Bochy still has does a great job as manager. He’s dealt with injuries, the continued decline of his former ace (Tim Lincecum) and still kept his team at or near the top of the NL West. Hurdle did a good job getting the Pirates back to the playoffs. Matheny must be doing something right as he won the Central Division and has the Cards in good position to win their division series.


1) Andrew McCutchen
2) Clayton Kershaw
3) Giancarlo Stanton
4) Jonathan Lucroy
5) Anthony Rendon
6) Adam Wainwright
7) Jhonny Peralta
8) Johnny Cueto
9) Cole Hamels
10) Yasiel Puig

Which player is more critical to his teams success? Kershaw got roasted by the Cardinals, but had Greinke to back him up and they won the next game of their series. By contrast, if McCutchen were injured or on a different team, I don’t the Pirates even sniff the playoffs. Sure, Russell Martin had a great year, but Andrew’s the center of that team. Plus, his numbers this year were even better than they were in last years’ MVP season. Kershaw should absolutely win the Cy Young, but I think McCutchen is more valuable to his team than Kershaw is to his.

As always, thanks for reading.


3 thoughts on “My NL MVP And Manager of the Year votes”

  1. Agree with both of your votes. Bochy is the best manager in baseball, not just the NL. He gets more out of less than anyone. Maddon gets alot of love, but he at least has fresh young high-ceiling kids from trading off budding superstars. When you look at the Giants team, it’s kind of a grab bag of lost souls that might not play elsewhere except for 3 guys, Posey, Pence, and Panda. For MVP, there is no doubt that the LA media machine has been running the Kerhaw for MVP down voter’s throats for the whole year. He is a great pitcher, the best in MLB, but he’s not the MVP. Great article, you’re on the right track.


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