Rooting for the Pirates…

Wow, last night was crazy was it? My AL World Series pick (Oakland) didn’t even make it out of the Wild Card. That’s the way it goes sometimes. I’ll go into the ramifications for Oakland later (I already have a ton of blog ideas on that subject) but for right now, let’s focus on tonight.

I may be in the minority here, but I’m actually rooting for the Pirates to beat the Giants tonight. Here’s why:

I respect Andrew McCutchen. He’s a great player and is enjoyable to watch, under the right circumstances ie when he’s not playing us.
I think an LCS between the Cards and Pirates would be awesome. It’d be more dramatic than a series vs. The Nats or the Giants as the Pirates are our divisional rival and have been dueling with us for the NL Central title the past two years. The tension in such a series will be very high.
Then there’s the logical side. Pittsburgh, while its staff is solid, doesn’t have any Clayton Kershaws’ or Madison Bumgarners’ to deal with. The best ERA amongst the starters is 2.85 that belongs to Vance Worley, but he did that in only 110 innings. Their ace is probably Edison Volquez, who has a solid 3.04 ERA and 1.230 WHIP. Good, but he’s not as scary as some of the starters the Nationals could throw at us. They do have a good bullpen, but so do the Nationals. Both teams have good offenses as well, with the Nationals having seven players with 10 or more homeruns and the Pirates having nine. Washington’s rotation makes it the better team, so the Pirates would probably the better matchup.

Even if Pittsburgh were clearly the better team though, I’d still rather face them. The tension, as I said, would make it worth it. Plus there’s a small (ok medium sized) part of me that wants to crush our divisional rivals, shutting them and their fans up for a bit, the same part of me that wants to crush Clayton Kershaw during the divisional series and shut the “Clayton Kershaw is awesome!!!!” narrative for five seconds. (Yes, he’s awesome, so stop telling it to me five million times a day like I’m mentally retarded.)

That’s my two cents, who do you want to win tonight?

And as always, thanks for reading.


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