Doctor’s Prescription: A Daily Dose Of Baseball

In addition to being mostly deaf, I’m dealing with a medical issue which, while minor compared to what many people go through, is still a pain in the butt, and has been for a while. The issue is seizures. When I have one, everything changes, It’s like my life gets put on hold.

I recently, thanks to medications, was able to drive for the first time in four years, as you have to wait six months after a seizure to drive to prove you’re seizure free. The ability to drive wasn’t something I’ve really had since I got to Galveston, so I was enjoying it, from drives on the beach to short runs to grocery stores, it wasn’t only fun, it added flexibility to a busy family. This period also seemingly proved the medications my doctor prescribed were working.

Well yesterday I had another seizure. On the surface, I’m holding the fort, making jokes, appearing unaffected. On the inside though, I’m burning.

Which is where baseball comes in. (Well, baseball and Dr.Who) Between Wainwright’s brilliance and the offenses’ production, I’ve was happily distracted from my issues last night. I spent the morning car ride to school discussing the possible playoff entrants with my father-in-law, who was my driver.

We took a slight detour to city hall so I could pick up a bus pass, giving me more time to elaborate on the strengths and weaknesses of the possible playoff teams. I was talking about the potential weakness of the Angel’s rotation (and conversely the potential strength of Oakland’s). We covered many strengths and weaknesses, almost entirely distracting me from the fact that I was a passenger again, and will be for at least six months.

As long as I have my daily dose of baseball, maybe, just maybe, I’ll be ok.

As always, thanks for reading.


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