What do to about Michael Wacha

Just a quick post today, even I need to take a breather. 😉

Michael Wacha, our young stud pitcher who was out with a stress reaction for a good chunk of the year but recently came back, had his start pushed back yesterday by Matheny.

Wacha went three innings in his first start back then got hammered in four innings in his next start, giving up five runs on six hits and three walks.

Wacha himself has said he doesn’t feel right, so I’m wondering instead of trying to rush him back, we should consider shutting him down for the season.

Wacha, like his mentor Wainwright, is a competitor, if given the chance, he’ll take the ball and try to force things.

If he keeps going out there while he doesn’t feel right, there’s a chance he’ll re-injure himself,or even make the previous injury worse. Management may need to pry the ball out of his hands and say “you’re done.”

I realize we’re in a playoff race and many fans had visions of 2013 Wacha dancing in their heads, but given that we don’t know as much about this type of injury as we do about others, isn’t it better to play it safe than sorry?

Wacha, as I said before, is a stud. We need to do what we can to help him reach his long term potential. If that means turning him into a cheerleader for our playoff run, so be it.

I realize this isn’t a popular suggestion, but it may be a necessary one.

As always, thanks for reading.


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