One the edge of lightning.

In an effort to get in shape, I started walking/jogging/running over the summer, first in the evening, then switching to early morning, around 5:30 to 6 AM. It’s a peaceful routine, me and my music, seemingly alone on the island. The seawall portion of my walk is especially soothing, culminating in me standing on a rock pier, staring out at the ocean before I begin the second half of my walk.

Typically before I go, I check the Weather Channel App on my phone for any weather alerts, then I check with my eyes when I let the dogs out to take care of their business.

Saturday morning, the App said ominous things, thunderstorms everywhere, all morning long. My eyes told a slightly different story: There was lightning on the horizon, but no clouds overhead. So I went on my walk.

During the entire walk, lightning flashed all around me, but overhead it remained clear. Not a drop of rain touched me. Only water generated was my sweat.

That’s kind of how this weekends series with Milwaukee felt: Danger on the edge of the horizon that never really manifested. We took three of four, cemented our position, re-affirmed our reputation as a team that is good in September and got a nice bonus of a good complete game start from Adam Wainwright.

Other storms loom on the horizon, ones that won’t peter out, but I’m confident, given our recent play, that we’ll be able to weather them easily.


As always, thanks for reading.




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