The 2nd Base Problem…

Corey Rudd tweeted this recently…

The 2nd Base part of this tweet made me curious, so I thought I’d take a look…

My initial theory is the overall numbers at 2B are dragged down by the tire fire that was Mark Ellis, who is currently on the DL. Lets see if that’s true.

Name                             AB           BA           HR          SB            OBP           OPS

Kolten Wong               300          .243           9          17             .285           .672
Mark Ellis                      167          .192           0           4              .267           .495

One thing we keep forgetting is that Wong is a rookie. While his average could be better, he’s a work in progress and definitely has a high upside. Like Taveras, we’re expecting too much too fast with Wong. We need to give him time to grow. He is showing flashes of his potential, on pace for over 10 home runs and 20 stolen bases. He could easily steal 20-30 bases a year (if not more) on a team desperately needing some speed. Given time he’ll build off this season and become a steady presence in the lineup.

Ellis, on the other hand, is a tire fire and needs to be released ASAP. He’s the one dragging down the OPS. Signed for a “veteran presence” he quickly became one of ‘Matheny’s Guys’ much to the dismay of Cardinals fans. He’s on the DL right now, and while I would never wish anyone to stay injured, I do think he should be bought out as mentioned above. Instead we should keep Greg Garcia in the bigs for the rest of the season and let him show us what he’s got. A 24 year old with some upside is a better option than a 37 year old on the downside of his career.



As always, thanks for reading.


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