Group Project: Choose a lineup of UCB bloggers

This month’s UCB Group Project is to, at the very minimum, create a baseball lineup of UCB Bloggers. If you’re so inclined, you can expand that to a 25 man roster. Personally I’m going to stick with a starting nine this year. Next year, after I’ve read more of my fellow bloggers’ stuff, maybe I’ll go the full 25.

My first thought going in was that C70 had to be the catcher. He’s the Yadi of the group, coordinating everything like a catcher does behind the plate and encouraging the bloggers like Yadi encourages the pitchers. Beyond that, I had no plan.

Leading off and playing SS, Fungoes
Playing CF (and flexible enough to play all the OF positions) and batting 2nd, Dan Buffa
Playing LF and batting 3rd, Wes Keene
Playing Catcher and batting cleanup, C70
Playing  3B and batting 5th, Cajun Cardinal
Playing RF and batting 6th  Cardinals Farm
Playing 1B and batting 7th High Sock Sunday
Playing 2B and batting 8th Gateway Sports Connection
Our starting pitcher who will bat 9th and dazzle us with his knuckleball, Ben Chambers

On the bench, Pinch Hitter Extroardoinare On The Outside Corner He’s a part timer now, but when he posts, it’s quality stuff, perfect for a pinch hitter.



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