Our current offensive linchpins are Jon Jay and…Daniel Descalso?!?! I must be drunk…

Corey Rudd posted something interesting on Twitter recently that piqued my curiosity…

Daniel Descalso is an offensive powerhouse (well, relative to all the other Cardinals) really? The guy who gets more snorts of derision than any other Cardinal? This can’t be right… (Heads over to Baseball Reference to check Dirty Dan’s month by month splits.)

                 BA      OBP      SLG      OPS

July         .150     .227      .200      .427
August     .364   .481      .545      .1027

Now, one thing to keep in mind is Small Sample Size, as Descalso, being a bench player, only has 22 AB in August (he had 20 in July) still…Holy **** who is this guy and what has he done with Dirty Dan? On second thought, don’t tell me. Let him stay kidnapped until the season’s over.

Of course, this may create a big problem. I believe in SSS, you believe in SSS, but does Mike Matheny? Matheny tends to play “his guys” anyway, so why do I get the feeling that when Descalso comes crashing back to Earth and craters, Matheny will keep on playing him? Well hopefully Descalso stays this hot (yeah right) and renders that question moot.


Thanks for reading


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