Waiver Trade Targets: Minnesota

I have a theory about waiver trades, you have to look for players on teams out of contention and out of the spotlight. For example, everyone knows who’s on the Yankees, whether they’re 80 and 40 or 40 and 80. Teams like Milwaukee, Minnesota and Kansas City and a few others, if they’re out of contention, fly under the radar and are less known.

Well, less known to the fans, anyway. I’m sure every baseball team have a scouting report on all players in existence, even if it’s a small report.

Anyways, of those teams mentioned above, Minnesota is the only one out of contention. I can name four players on that team off the top of my head: Brian Dozier, Joe Mauer, Ricky Nolasco and Glen Perkins. Three of them because they’re stars and Nolasco because we faced him in last years NLCS when he was on the Dodgers.

Well, what do the Cards need? We could use a bench bat, a utility infielder and it never hurts to have more pitching, even we’re seemingly full.

The’re’s not much left on offense as they’ve traded several of their players already. I’d have grabbed Sam Fuld, but he got traded to Oakland at the deadline.The only name that even slightly jumps out at me on offense is Trevor Plouffe. Here’s his profile:

Trevor Plouffe’s Profile

Not much there. The average is middling, he hits lefties slightly better  but isn’t a tire fire vs. righties (.261 vs .240). Power is average, strikes out too much, doesn’t have the greatest .OBP. The biggest thing he brings is flexibility. He’s played everywhere, short of catcher. So he lends a lot of flexibility to a team. He probably wouldn’t cost much, and his salary is roughly 2 million, so he wouldn’t affect the budget much. He’s worth considering for that flexibility, and hey, he’s better than Daniel Descalso (though pretty much anybody is.)

As for the pitchers, one name jumps out at me: Sam DedunoHere’s the profile:

Sam Deduno’s Profile

His standard stats don’t jump out at you, 4.55 ERA, his WHIP is high at 1.470. Digging a little deeper however, you find that he leads the team in groundball to flyball ratio at 1.24, and he had an ever higher ratio the last few years, so it isn’t a fluke. He’s a worm burner. Given our infield defense is one of the best, he’d fit right in. Leftieis hit him a bit better (.281 vs .250) but not terribly so, and those averages might drop with our defense swallowing up the ground balls he generates. He’s a journeyman who floats between the rotation and the bullpen, so chances are he wouldn’t cost much and would fly right through waivers. We have a lot of pitching, but taking a flyer on a guy who’s style fits right in with our team seems like a good idea to me.


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