Which GM would you rather have?

You’re a new owner, and you’ve narrowed your choice of prospective GM’s to two candidates:

Option A) Someone who manages the farm well, realizes when things aren’t going well and isn’t afraid to hold a fire sale to restock at the major and minor league level. This guy also analyzes things well and has a solid analytics background, enabling him to identify good support people to surround himself with. This guy is also wary of long term contracts, which helps to keep the team flexible but alienates the players a little. This person considers both prospects and veterans when looking to fill a hole.

Option B) someone with a more traditional baseball background, who trusts more what scouts say than what computers tell him. A guy who’s able to build an elite team, but is unable to tell when it’s time to sell pieces of that team off, overvalues them when he does try to sell them. Embraces long term contracts, which the players like but limits flexibility down the road. A guy, when looking for talent to fill an opening, prefers veterans.

So which do you choose? The obvious answer to me is option A. And yes, they’re real GM’s. I won’t name them, but if you’re a savvy fan I’m sure you can figure it out pretty easily.


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