The Cardinals Are Going Old School.

When I say going old school, I don’t mean playing with toughness and grit, the kind of stuff Kevin Towers and Kirk Gibson drool over. Rather I mean the Cards approach to winning this year.

They’re using the classic formula of pitching, defense and timely hitting.

It’s a formula as old as the game itself, yet it’s also one of the most panned formulas in baseball.

Why is it so panned?

There are reasons such as putting pressure on pitchers by creating a low margin for error, relying too much on timely hitting, etc…

But the main reason it’s panned so much, I think, is because it’s not exciting. The whole “Chicks Dig The Longball” theory.

One caveat: I personally have said that a 1-0 pitchers duel is more exciting than a 11-10 slug fest, and I stand by that.

Anyways, to me, a win is exciting, no matter how you get it. If we get it with Pitching and Defense, then that excites me.

Plus, if you can find a winning formula that allows us to keep the majority of our top prospects, thus minimizing roster churn and wasting money on expensive free agents (I love Matt Holliday, but I’ll be so happy when his salary is off the books) that allows us to consistently contend. Well, we kept every upside prospect except James Ramsey and Joe Kelly (Allen Craig has already reached his potential) rather than spending half our farm for that elusive superstar which we really didn’t need. Some may argue that a superstar brings excitement. I just want to win.

As for our moves, I think the analysts are looking at them in the wrong way. Justin Masterson and John Lackey aren’t there to be huge upgrades. They’re there to bring stability (Although Masterson got shelled a bit in his first appearance, while Lackey did well.) stability and consistency are my buzzwords this year. We’ve been inconsistent all year. My hope is that these two will give us 5 consistent starters, thus leading us on a run that captures us the NL Central title.

One of my favorte experts, David Schoenfield picked the Cardinals to miss the playoffs entirely.I assume that’s because we didn’t shell out half our farm for a superstar. Well I for one can’t wait to prove him wrong.


Thanks for reading.


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