Mozeliak Fails Chemistry…

Up until now I really haven’t found any fault with our GM, John Mozeliak. Most of my ire has been directed at Mike Matheny and his usage of the players that Mo has given him.

As you know, the Cards are known for having a good clubhouse, for having good chemistry on and off the field. Nobody emphasizes that more than Yadier Molina. He has a good rapport with the pitchers during the game, rarely being shaken off, and is a good presence in the clubhouse.

Replace that with a me first player who tunes his teammates out as soon as he gets into the clubhouse, focusing on his cellphone, not talking, not communicating. Somebody who’s just here to do the job and go home. Mo’d never sign somebody like that would he?

He just did. Meet our new catcher, A.J. Pierzynski.

A.J. was recently cut by the Red Sox. Part of the reason, of course, was that his numbers there weren’t good. But if he was a good teammate, it might have been overlooked. He wasn’t a good teammate.

Pierzynski’s Bad Clubhouse Presence

This is the guy we sign? Seriously?

As the title suggests, our GM seemingly didn’t factor in team chemistry when he signed this guy. Maybe he thinks that the reports of our new catcher’s bad aura are overblown. But when the players go to management and ask them to fix a chemistry problem, as the Red Sox did, that tells me there’s something wrong here.

Maybe I’m wrong, maybe he’ll blend in fine. After all, he’ll have something to prove after the Red Sox disaster. A.J. Has been around awhile though, and veterans don’t change their stripes easily.

To me this means he’ll probably just look up from his cell-phone every once in a while. I hope I’m wrong.


Thanks for reading.


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