Monday Magnets: Links with some pull…

This a new feature I’m going going to try and post every week: A link page. I know it’s been done before, but hopefully I’ll unearth some hidden gems for you guys. I’ll try to put up at least 5 a week.

Shane Ryan’s Page on Grantland

Shane Ryan is the author of the PitchCraft Series on Grantland, which I highly recommend. He profiles pitchers by using GIF’s to show those pitcher’s pitches and analyzes their movement, usage rate and strategies behind their usage. Plus, as a bonus, his most recent profile is of Adam Wainwright.

Joe Posnaski’s Baseball 100

Joe P’s list of the 100 greatest players according to him. I may have linked to this before, but it’s a link worth revisiting, as his profiles of various players are great. He really gives a good look at the player behind the numbers. My favorite, is #77, Ozzie Smith. There is something poetic about that post. All of Joe P’s posts, in general, are very well written. After you’re done perusing the Baseball 100, look at rest of his stuff too. Great writer.

Comparing  Adam Wainwright and Clayton Kershaw

Sweetspot blogger Katie Sharp compares the two star pitchers and looks at other Cardinals like Kolten Wong and Tony Cruz as well.

Jonah Keri’s The 30

This is Jonah Keri’s weekly ranking of the teams. He breaks them into 4 groups and analyzes one team from each group in detail.

If you guys have any link suggestions, feel free to put em in the comments or send them to me on twitter at @drv421g




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