Renting Salvador Perez from the Kansas City Royals

In the wake of the Yadier Molina Injury, I’ve been trying to think of a creative solution to the Cardinals Catching Situation. First off, one cavear: I’m not sure what I’m suggesting is even legal. I’d have to have a look at the MLB Rulebook to be certain…

While Yadi is injured, he’ll still be with the team, so that made me think: Beyond his in game skills he has a great knowledge of the game in general and of Catching in general…The same can be said about Alex Gordon of KC, a Gold Glover himself.

So, here’s the idea: Send Randall Grichuk and Stephen Piscotty to KC for Salvador Perez for the remainder of the season, after which they revert to their original teams. Basically, Yadi and Alex will be mentoring young players at their positions (Perez is 24, still relatively young)

Now, KC is thin at Catcher, so they’d probably reject the idea out of hand even if it were legal, but if they did have a viable option there, this would be more interesting. After all, If I were Perez, I’d jump at the chance to learn from Yadi. In fact, if I were him, if Yadi showed up at the ASG, I’d amble over to him and ask him if we could hang out in the off-season, so I could learn at the hands of a Jedi Master.


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