Who’s that guy?

In a season where your team is struggling, it makes sense to look for smaller success stories. The one on the Cards that everyone knows about is Pat Neshek, who is building off a solid season for the A’s last year and has emerged as our 8th inning setup guy.

But there’s a lesser known success story in the bullpen, a guy by the name of Sam Freeman. Here’s some of his Key Stats so far:

ERA        WHIP         FIP           SO        BB           IP              G

1.76        0.848        2.45          14          5            15.1          15

He got called up in Mid-May, and with less than 20 innings, there’s obviously a Small Sample Size issue here. But he’s also been in 15 games, averaging about an inning a game. Basically he’s been another solid weapon for our bullpen.

What’s his history? He was drafted by the Cards in 08, had a cup of coffee in ’12 with 20 innings and a 5.40 ERA. Had another cup of coffee last year with a better ERA of 2.19 but just 12 innings, as our bullpen was pretty crowded last year. Well a spot opened up for him this year, and he’s taken advantage of it.

How does he do it? He relies primarily on a 4 seam fastball that clocks in around 95 and a sinker that averages 94. He also mixes in a splitter (84 mph) and a slider (79 mph). He also has a changeup and a cutter, but he rarely uses them.

Here’s the exact pitch usage

What’s his future?

He’s 27, so what we’re seeing now is probably his ceiling. He’s always been a reliever, even in the minors, so the chance he’ll ever start is probably microscopic. But that’s ok since he does well against both lefties and righties and has variety of weapons, resulting in a pitcher I think will remain a valuable weapon in the bullpen from here on out.


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