A small post about the baseball 100…

I found out today one of my favorite blogs http://joeposnanski.com/joeblogs/baseball-100/ is going to be reduced to a small blurb about each future player.

I’m mixed on this…On one hand, I understand why he’s doing this…He’s a professional writer/reporter as his day job, he’s working on a book, and this wasn’t even something he planned on doing. The original idea was just to make a list, no stories or biographies at all. But he couldn’t help himself. He is, after all a writer, so he wrote…and I’m glad he did. But work takes priority, and rightfully so.

On the other hand, the baseball 100 was one of the things I looked forward to. As an English teacher, I enjoy good writing, and this writing was very good. While I frequent a lot of stat writers like David Schoenfield and Rob Neyer, I’d have to say Joe’s baseball posts are my favorite, just ahead of Jonah Keri and Rany Jazayerli. I checked his site frequently for a new post, and enjoyed each one. He says he’ll revisit it at a later date, and I hope he does. I’ll read whatever else he posts, because I enjoy his writing, but of his writing, the baseball 100 was the best, in my opinion. I’ll miss it.


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