Time to take a Cardinals break..

Figured I needed to take a step back from my team, I’ve been frothing at the mouth a little bit of late, to the point where everything negative said about them ticks me off. So to take a time out, I’m going to talk about pitchers. Specifically, finding out who the best pitcher is in each league *this* year. I’m going to leave out Win/Loss records and names, and I’m going to limit myself to comparing what i view are the top 3 starters in each league. The stats I’m using are ERA, WHIP (Walks & Hits/Innings Pitched) FIP (Fielding Independent Pitching) , K/9 (strikeouts per 9 innings) and BB/9 (Walks per 9 Innings) I could use more but I don’t want to bury you guys in stats. I plan to edit this list every month, as who are the best pitchers can change throught the season

National League

ERA                 WHIP         FIP             K/9          BB/9

1) 1.92             0.833         2.86            9.3            2.2

2) 2.15            0.927         2.46             8.2            1.9

3) 3.06           1.213          2.42           10.8           1.9

The 3rd choice has a significantly higher ERA, but also has the best FIP of the 3, indicating some bad luck. He also has the best strikeout ratio. Not included on the list above was a pitcher (Kershaw) who missed a bit of time and thus doesn’t have the same amount of innings pitched as the three above, even if he did toss a no-hitter last night. Given a little more time, I’m sure he’ll catch up and will probably be on the top 3 list next month. Of the current list, which do you think is the best?

American League

ERA           WHIP         FIP            K/9            BB/9

1) 1.99        0.953         2.70          10.2           1.4

2) 2.22        0.953         1.87             9.7            1.5

3) 2.39       1.207           2.53          10.9           3.2

Which would you choose here? The first guy seems to be the best overall, but the second guy’s FIP is far and away the best, and the last guy has the best strikeout ratio. Decisions, decisions. Let me know which of the three you’d choose.

If you think I missed anyone on either list, feel free to let me know in the comments., I look forward to hearing your thoughts.


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