Random Thoughts…

1) My Matt Adams for the All-Star game musings don’t seem as silly any more…He won’t get there, but a guy hitting .330 (3rd in the league) with a .522 slugging percentage (9th in the league) as of today is nothing to sneeze at…As long as he stays healthy and relatively consistent, we may have a .300 BA/.500+ SLG guy on our hands. Not bad for a guy everyone wanted to trade or bench when the season started…

2) If the fans don’t care about PED’S, as David Schoenfield points out, maybe it’s time the writers from the BBWAA cared a little less. Their job is to elect the best players, period, not to be morality police. If, say, Nelson Cruz ends up with HOF numbers (probably unlikely) he should get elected. And that doesn’t even mention the ones already snubbed by the pious BBWAA writers. Hey BBWAA writers, why is Ty Cobb in the Hall of Fame? He was an extreme racist, doesn’t that send your morality meter into overdrive? expunge him! And I’m sure there’s other racists in there, not to mention spitballers, etc, etc…So until *everyone* in the hall helped old ladies across the street, you’re hypocrites.

3) It’s becoming more and more obvious: Oscar Taveras, Center Fielder.

4) RIP Tony Gwynn. I’ll miss his artistry and his smile. Go here for more articles about him.

5) if you’re reading this post, but haven’t read my two previous posts, read them. They go into Yadier Molina’s possible Hall of Fame discussion.

Talk atcha later…


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