An attractive mess

Entering today, there’s only one division with a leader that has bigger than a 6 game lead, that being the NL West.

Otherwise, each division has teams within relative spitting distance. Many people lament this, but I say it’s a good thing mainly because the fact that a team is still in it gives fans hope, and fans with hope follow their teams, maybe even take a game or two, thus keeping attendance at a decent level.

While there is something to be said for powerhouses (particularly when it’s your hometown team) in general, I, and I suspect many others, like playoff races that go down to the wire. In fact, there’s only one division leader I hope *won’t* fall back to earth, and that’s Oakland, because I admire Billy Beane so much. Otherwise, I hope all of the leaders, especially San Francisco, fall back a bit. It’s not that I like the Dodgers per se, (in fact, I kind of hate the Yankees of the West) but rather that I want a good division race.

Now, as i said before, if my hometown Cardinals didn’t lose a single game from here on out, I would be extremely happy, as I’m a huge homer. Otherwise, bring on the playoff races!


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