Just a couple of random baseball thoughts…

When a player gets off to a slow start, but surges towards the early middle of the season, what are his odds of getting into the All-Star Game as opposed to a hot starter who fades? And lets toss name recognition out the window here, because that’d influence things. I assume player b would be the one who’d make it, but I don’t know for sure. Opinions?

Is anyone else counting the milliseconds until the Derek Jeter farewell tour is over? Love this post by Joe Posnaski about it. Jeter Scouting Report

ERA rules need to be changed. Adam Wainwright left some runners on base last night, but it was Trevor Rosenthal who let them score. He deserves some of the blame for that. Instead the box score shows that both runs allowed were charged to Wainwright. Maybe they both should be charged? I dunno, I’m open to ideas, but in my mind it was Rosenthal who was to blame, not Wainwright.

Good to see Matt Carpenter playing like he did last year. For a minute there I was starting to worry that last year was a fluke.

Why do we still have Randy Choate? When Kevin Seigrist returns, he should be released or sent down to AAA while we keep Sam Freeman, who is doing well. This article by Arch Authority goes into detail on that subject. The curious case of Randy Choate

If Mozeliak is still determined to demote Freeman, why not release Choate and trade for Brad Zeigler, a submariner currently playing for the D-backs who can actually pitch to both lefties and righties? Having both him and Neshek would be cool.

Watched “Trouble With the Curve” yesterday. Good movie. A little sappy but nothing like, say, “For the Love of the Game”

Comments please!!!


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