Reminders of a past season…

Going into this season, I thought, along with everyone else, that this season was going to be a cakewalk for the Cards. Obviously that hasn’t been the case. I could list the many flaws of the team right now, but I’ll save that for later.

Instead, I’ll point out what this season reminds me of: It reminds me of 2011. We won it all that year, so people tend to forget some of the finer details. We were a wild card team. In fact we finished 6 games behind guess who? The Brewers, the same team we’re trailing right now.

Well, while I’m still hoping for that wild turnaround that nets us a division, realistically, I’m setting my sights on the wild card, then hoping Wainwright and Wacha can carry us like they did last year. After all, as 2011 proved, all you’ve gotta do is make the playoffs, from there, anything can happen.

Can we pull of the wild card? We’ve got the talent for it, and if the kids we’ve promoted play well, we’ve got a pretty good chance. And honestly while a division title would bring us a better situation in the playoffs, a wild card means we’ll get to see Wainwright and Wacha pitch more, and as a fan who loves watching good pitchers work (especially ones with a great curveball, like Wainwright) I can’t argue with that.

So let the Brewers have their title, we’ll just squeeze on in as a Wild Card, and stun everybody, like 2011.


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