Random Cardinals Thoughts…

Watched last night’s 6-0 loss to the lowly Royals last night. Made me want to toss the TV against the wall. This after losing 3 of 4 (Including a beatdown of Wainwright) to the surging Giants. If we can’t beat the good teams and we can’t beat the bad teams, who can we beat?

On the plus side, Taveras got promoted. Now let’s see if Matheny plays him…He was playing Wong, but Ellis started last night, so we’ll see.

Grichuk also got the call-up. Makes for a deep bench and less pinch hitting chances to guys like Descalso, which is a good thing.

Sam Freeman seems to be doing a good job in the bullpen. Yet another young power arm developed by the Cardinals pitching factory. Now of only we could develop more bats, well, maybe we have. The jury will be out on that one as we see what Taveras (and later Piscotty) do. Grichuk was acquired in a trade so while he’s nice to have, the Cards didn’t develop him, so he doesn’t count…Not sure if Garcia counts, as he was close to being ready when we signed him, but there’s also currently no middle infield hole for him, so he will get some training in the minors…

Have some post ideas in mind, but I wanted to slap something up here today. I’ll try to get to posting every other day.

If any one is reading, I wouldn’t mind creating a post based on your suggestions, so leave a comment with a post idea, and I’ll gladly look into it.


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