Trades To Improve The Cardinals

If the Cardinals decide to make a trade to improve themselves, which way do they go?

1) Their outfield is loaded, almost too loaded, with 3 prime prospects in the minors. While we have 3 quality arms, Shelby Miller is struggling and Jaime Garcia, while successful in the past, is both an unproven quantity this year and injury prone. So we could consider adding a 4th solid starter. After all, you can never have enough pitching depth. In an ideal world, I would ship out Bourjos and Jay in a package deal, keeping all of the prospects, but no GM in the real world would take that deal. They’d want a prospect. So it’d probably take one of our big 3 outfield prospects. Piscotty is the furthest away, and while he’s my favorite of the 3 for having a more well rounded game, he’s probably the odd man out, unless we trade draft picks or someone further down the pipeline.

2) This is where it gets complicated. If we wanted to add a bat, the only true hole is center field. Matt Adams is young and he’s hitting over .320. I’m strongly against moving him. He deserves a chance to stick around and develop. Unfortunately, it seems like I’m the only one who wants to keep him. Everyone else advocates the whole “Trade Adams, slot Craig into 1B, and promote a minor league player” approach. I’d much rather trade one of Jay, Bourjos or even Craig. Yes Craig is signed to a team friendly deal. But you know what? He’s in his prime. this is as good as it’s going to get. Our 3 OF prospects all have a higher ceiling than Craig, and Adams has higher power potential. Also, I, for one, do not believe his .300 season is a fluke. Plus, trading such a team friendly deal could net a solid bat without losing any of our OF prospects. So I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Trade Craig, not Adams and promote a minor league OF-er.


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