An exercise in lineup creation.

This link shows you a roster of players at varying prices, and gives you 30 dollars to spend on them.

Create your dream team

Here’s what I came up with.

C)  Yadier Molina  4$
1B) Pete Rose        1$
2B) Joe Morgan     4$
SS) Ozzie Smith     1$
3B) Wade Boggs    2$
LF) Barry Bonds    5$
CF) Willie Mays     4$
RF) Stan Musial      2$
SP) Randy Johnson 5$
CL) Billy Wagner    1$

Total Spent:            29$

Here I think I balanced everything, speed, power, getting on base, defense, and a pair of fireballing pitchers. (Wagner at a buck is an absolute steal.)

What do you think? What’s your lineup?


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