Ways to improve teams.

I envision myself as a little bit of a General Manager, devouring all sorts of information from writers and sabermetricians and coming up with trades and moves to improve teams, so I figured, why not try a post or two on how to improve some struggling teams. First up are my hometown Cardinals.

The cards are middling along at a 19-20 pace, not terrible, but not very good either, so here’s a couple of moves to possibly improve the team. To be a little different I’ll avoid the obvious solutions (Oscar Taveras, anyone?) and come up with other ideas.

One solution is to move Carpenter back to 2nd base, then acquire a 3rd baseman via promotion or trade. Carpenter is more valuable as a 2nd baseman. While I realize we have Wong, I’d rather have him on the bench or trade him for some power at a different position. (More on that later)

3B Prospects in the minors: The only one that stood out with a combination of youth and decent all around stats was a player for the High A Palm Beach Cardinals, Breyvic Valera. He’s obviously a few years off, so he’s not an immediate solution, so we’re left with the trade option, unless we turn one of our many outfield prospects into a 3rd baseman, but that process would take time as well.

Trade prospects: The problem here is quite a few teams are still in the race at this early juncture, and most that aren’t are in rebuilding mode. The only team truly out of it and not in rebuilding mode yet are the Arizona Diamondbacks. Their 3rd baseman, Prado is off to a slow start (though alot of hitters are, in this seemingly pitching heavy year) and is signed until 2016 at 10 million a year. He had a solid year last year, with 14 homeruns, 82 RBI’s and a .282 average.

Another need for the Cardinals is some thump in the lineup, and again we turn to the Diamondbacks. They have Paul Goldschmidt. The problem there is 2-fold, he’s their star, the bright spot on an otherwise performing team as he’s producing, and he’s signed to a team friendly contract.

So this is my bold solution…Trade for Goldschmidt and Prado by sending our team friendly contract, Allen Craig, as well as Wong and Adams and another prospect or two. We have a deep farm system, so we can take the hit. Slide Taveras into Craig’s spot, Goldschmidt takes over 1st base, Carpenter slides back to 2nd and Prado serves as 3rd base filler until Valera develops or we find a better solution in the offseason.

This trade may seem one sided, but as I said, we can fill the holes, and plus, that may be what it takes to acquire a superstar on a team friendly contract.

What do you think? Comments please.


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