Finishing off the Greediest teams thing…

Let’s finish this off so I can return to more fun topics.

First up is a team in the past many would’ve called very greedy. I’m actually reserving judgement now though, based on one player. The team is the Kansas City Royals, and that player is a rookie by the name of Yordano Ventura. Here’s brief story on him. I want to see how they handle him, provided his arm doesn’t blow out and he doesn’t regress. If they flip him once he becomes even remotely too pricey once he starts getting arbitration, then yes, I’ll go back to calling them very greedy. If, on the other hand, they try to keep him around with at least a decent offer, then my mind will be changed a little. Either way, keep an eye on this kid.

Next, we’ll flip the definition of greedy around a little. Instead of focusing on profit, let’s ask, which teams are greedy in terms of players, to the point of damaging themselves? IE ruining their farm system?

The first, an obvious one: The Yankees. While they signed 4 very prominent players this off-season (McCann, Ellsbury, Beltran and Tanaka) they still had plenty of holes thanks to their threadbare farm system. Right now the AL East is a tight division, but if the Yankees fade, as I think they will, they’ll either try to beef up at the trade deadline (meaning they’ll trade any semblance of talent they have in the minors, or future draft picks.) or sign more free agents in the off-season. Perhaps they should look into this farm system thing…

Finally, a team that combines overall greed with the win now thing, which is actually hard to do. Yet the Dodgers have done it. They signed a 330 million dollar TV deal! Good gravy! I realize they’re in a large market, but that is beyond ridiculous. Compare that to say, the Cardinals TV deal, which is 25 million and it looks even more outlandish. Add to that having 4 outfielders for 3 spots, plus another decent outfielder on the bench in Scott Van Slyke, and you’re blocking the progress of your best prospect, outfielder Joc Pederson. Then there’s the whole sign everyone who’s ever been a closer approach to the bullpen, as the closer thing makes those pitchers cost more, not that the Dodgers seem to care. They could develop relievers in the minors, but nah, that’s too cost effective.

Anyhow, that’s the end of my greedy teams rant. Here soon I’ll return to more fun topics, and continue to work on developing a better writing style.


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