Part two of the greed series

Let’s do a comparison between two teams from the same state:

Team A plays in an old stadium on a minimal budget, relies on the draft, trades, loyalty (hometown discounts) and low cost free agent signings and is consistently competitive, winning their division several times within the past five years. When it comes to their own impending free agents, they sign who they can, but flip the unaffordable ones for prospects and pieces that will help them continue to compete. Ultimately they rely on roster depth to compete. They need a new stadium, but it’s unlikely to happen anytime soon.

Team B plays in a brand new stadium, operates mainly for profit, relies on prospects and low budget fill ins for the rest of their holes, using basically a stars and scrubs approach. While currently competitive this year, it is an outlier, as they have finished out of the race for most of the past decade. They don’t bother trying to retain their stars, flipping them for prospects.

Both of these teams reside in Florida, I’ll let you figure out which is which.


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