The 5 Greediest Teams

I hear all the time about certain teams being greedy, and playing for profit, so I thought I’d look into it a little and see which ones really are the greediest and create a series of posts on the subject. Keep in mind this is just my opinion. While I will use some stats, I’m not going overboard on stats here. This series is in no particular order.

First up are the San Francisco Giants: In some cases, the greed isn’t purely about baseball transactions. It’s about refusing to share with your fellow man. The Giants won’t play nice and let the A’s move into San Jose, which they consider part of their territory, and thus have gone to court over this issue. The city of San Jose has 1.9 million people in it’s metro area. San Francisco has 4.5 million in it’s metro area. That’s 6.4 million people! Surely that’s enough to share. Add Oakland’s 400,000 people, and you get 6.8 million people.If you split it directly down the middle, that’s 3.4 million for each team. It won’t work out that way of course, but that’s quite a few people per team. (By comparison, St. Louis, the town of one of the most popular teams in the game, has 2.8 million people in it’s metro area, 41 % of the population of the Bay Area, less than that 50 % split.) Heck, even if only the people from San Jose and Oakland followed the A’s, that’s about 500,000 people more than Milwaukee, another baseball town. Thus the A’s are stuck trying to find another solution while playing at a stadium where the sewers back up raw sewage into the dugout. Way to be a team player San Francisco.


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